Nuki incorporará la opción Matter en sus cerraduras inteligentes

Revolutionizing Smart Home Systems: Nuki’s Latest Breakthroughs

Nuki has established itself as a leading provider of Smart Home systems, revolutionizing the way we think about intelligent door locks. This forward-thinking company continuously strives to enhance convenience and security for individuals. Their latest innovation involves the integration of the open-source standard, Matter, enabling seamless compatibility between different manufacturers’ smart home technologies.

Adapting Matter to Suit European Door Requirements

While US tech giants have spearheaded the advancement of the Matter protocol, the functionality of smart locks in the country remains limited to basic lock and unlock capabilities. In contrast, European versions are equipped with an exterior knob and a mechanism that allows users to close the door without needing to lock it. To cater to the specific characteristics of European doors, Nuki has collaborated with the CSA to introduce the «unlock without activating the deadbolt» feature.

«This highly requested feature would not be part of the upcoming version of Matter this autumn without Nuki, which benefits not only our customers but the entire ecosystem,» highlights Pansy, co-founder of Nuki.

As Easy as Scanning a Barcode

Matter is implemented in smart locks through Thread, effectively making it a universal language for Smart Home devices to connect and communicate with each other, regardless of brand or model. Thread serves as the communication channel that facilitates this language transmission. It is an incredibly efficient mesh network with a wide range, similar to WLAN, and high energy efficiency. Matter enables local integration of smart locks with Apple Home, Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Samsung SmartThings, and many other services. Devices communicate locally through hubs, ensuring that pertinent security data never leaves the house or apartment. Furthermore, activating these devices is as simple as scanning a barcode.

«In October 2022, we unveiled the first prototypes of our Matter-compatible smart lock and announced that we could expect the first devices with the new protocol in the second half of 2023. We are working diligently to turn words into actions,» affirms Martin Pansy, Nuki’s co-founder.

Consolidating Market Leadership and Expanding User Reach

Nuki has solidified its position as the European market leader in the rapidly growing smart lock industry, which is gaining significance among an increasingly diverse target audience. This is evident in the double-digit growth rates observed in sales figures. The main advantages of a smart lock are now considered to be convenience and ease in daily life, with the general public comprising the majority of users. «Nevertheless, this does not change the fact that technology and innovation enthusiasts remain our target group. However, it is a fact that the concept of smarter locks is becoming more widespread, thanks to the ease of installation and the high product quality associated with our brand,» concludes Nuki’s CEO.

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